Focusing on a rapidly expanding diversified market, NIPPN stands out as an innovator.

"Nakashoku" (Take-out foods)

Japanease food "Katsudon"

Insisting on wholesome ingredients to build lasting taste, NIPPN applies its know-how in the Nakashoku market to the fullest.
"Nakashoku" (Take-out foods) are positioned somewhere between dining in restaurants and dining at home. This market is seeing favorable growth as the number of retail stores carrying prepared foods, such as popular dishes, deli items and box lunches increases each year. Behind this growth lie social changes, such as simplification of meals prompted by increasing numbers of business workers transferred singly and more women entering the workplace. Along with these factors, improvement in the taste and freshness of Nakashoku items is considered to be another growth factor. Since 1991 NIPPN has established Nakashoku plants in each region of Japan. It started out with production and sales of rice products and strengthened its line of items by adding baked bread and spaghetti products later on. NIPPN continues to apply its ingenuity and skill to developing original food products suitable for contemporary needs.

Salada Udon

The appeal of fast foods, while recognizing the fun and convenience, developing a more intimate taste.
At present, the handling of box lunches and side dishes in convenience stores is standard fare. Their sales approach of selling main courses, salads, desserts, and beverages as a complete meal unit in itself is noteworthy. Neither can the expansion of the Nakashoku market within the food service industry through increased sales of take-out and home delivered meals be overlooked. NIPPN is ready to respond with a firmly established consistent system comprised of strong product development, production capacity, preservation technology, and delivery systems. It offers new types of Nakashoku that emphasize superior taste and ingredient selection as a matter of course, along with a consideration of calories and products that respond, for example, to middle- and older-aged consumers' needs for prepared foods.

box lunch

Simple and easy, more reason to ensure "healthy" and "safe," insisting on great taste.
The Nakashoku market is a field expected to continue to grow, with the success of a takeout spaghetti lunch that suffers no loss in taste several hours after preparation. To further explore this market, NIPPN has also developed a box lunch business incorporating foods loved by Japanese, such as seaweed and rice, built a new distribution and marketing system and is moving ahead with technical innovations, centered on the production process and also expanding its frozen box lunch enterprise combining freezing technology and box lunch know-how. NIPPN is establishing an independent position and entrepreneurial system in a marketplace with diverse new potential