Message from the Management

Hiroshi Sawada

 Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd. was founded in 1896 as Japan's first private mechanical flour milling company. Since then, Nippon Flour Mills has been diversifying operations based on its developing capability to manufacture highly processed products from raw materials and its technical capability to apply techniques cultivated in flour milling to the processing of different types of grain and new raw materials, with the two capabilities generating synergy.

 Currently, Nippon Flour Mills is operating a wide range of food businesses, including the flour milling business, the core business, the food ingredients business, which manufactures premixes, the processed food business, which manufacturers pasta and home-use groceries, the frozen foods business, which primarily manufactures frozen dough and frozen pasta, and the nakashoku (take-out foods) business, which manufactures box lunches and deli foods.

 In addition to the food business, Nippon Flour Mills operates the healthcare business, which manufactures health food and natural cosmetics, the pet food business, and the biotechnology business. These businesses are connected with each other organically. In this way, the Nippon Flour Mills Group is promoting diversification to expand its operations.

 The Group's corporate philosophy has two pillars: (i) to gain trust from customers and continue to grow in strength and (ii) to offer competitive products and services of superior quality, thereby contributing to society.

 The Group will continue to make the most of its collective strength to fulfill its social responsibility to its stakeholders. As a diversified food company making its presence felt, Nippon Flour Mills will continue to actively take on challenges to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value.As we pursue these initiatives, we hope that we can rely on your continued support.

Representative Director,Chairman and CEO: Hiroshi Sawada

Representative Director,President and COO: Masayuki Kondo