Institutional Foods

Optimizing corporate strength derived from flour milling, the strategic division leads the competition into the 21st century.


Product development with the individual consumer in mind, while being sensitive to changes in food tastes, anticipating an age of expansion in institutional foods.
Balancing consumer conscious product development with ever changing tastes in foods and responsible market expansion. With over a century of experience, NIPPN has continued to maintain flour milling as its corporate mainstay while evolving into an extensive food enterprise with products ranging from original pastas and premixes to frozen dough and pasta. However, as food division sales have now surpassed those of the flour milling division, NIPPN must stay abreast of changing consumer tastes by creating and developing new projects and product lines. To this end, the Institutional Food Team, supported by all food related industries, was reinforced to lead NIPPN's rapid yet strategic drive to the forefront of the food industry. With the customer firmly in mind, the IFT actively engages in R&D as well as marketing activities.


Seeing needs, fulfilling wants, an all-round food manufacturer full of ideas, enacting positive proposals in every field.
The premix business, the mainstay of NIPPN's institutional food division, has been moving ahead with researching and marketing specific product ideas for its customers in order to offer a wide variety of products.Pasta, the other major product, is represented by NIPPN's trusted brand "Oh'my".With the full use of technical expertise accumulated over the years, it promises outstanding culinary workmanship and consistent high quality, and delivers extravagant taste. "NIPPN's original" product development and proposals, accompanied by sales strength and a complete line of products, are shaping a sure market supported by brand strategies.

Letting NIPPN quality and technology speak for itself, as we forge ahead with our multifaceted food business.
We continue to expand our institutional food operations, including premixes and pasta, with growth underpinned by rigorous quality control and processing technology as well as our superior quality products.
We manufacture and supply the market with high quality premix products via our Ryugasaki Plant and Kobe-Konan Mill.
We also manufacture high quality pasta at the Atsugi and Kakogawa Plants operated by OHMY Co. Ltd., part of the NIPPN Group, with a particular emphasis on quality control. In the US, we are working with Pasta Montana LLC to ensure even more reliable pasta supplies.