Frozen Foods

Simple, real, homemade, hearty - Tastes for the every day lifestyle.


NIPPN offers ever more variety in frozen foods. In a word, "Simply delicious!"
NIPPN frozen foods offer a broad lineup from basic "simple'n'easy" products that are simple, convenient, and storable, to "gourmet" products offering consumers hearty, genuine home cooking with originality. With frozen foods any menu can be expanded quite easily. The labor saving effects of frozen foods have been widely acknowledged by institutional users, such as restaurants, while in the home market, spaghetti, snacks, cooked rice and other frozen foods have made headway. The frozen food division is moving ahead with expansion of the range of frozen food products, such as pie dough and hot cakes, and creating products that appeal to individual tastes.

The Ryugasaki Plant of NIPPN
The Ryugasaki Plant of NIPPN Frozen Food Co.,ltd

Safe and reliable frozen foods, underpinned by rigorous food safety and systematic management.
In the interests of food safety, the most important element in any frozen food factory, the Ryugasaki Plant operated by NIPPN Frozen Food Co. Ltd., part of the NIPPN Group, has established a management system that is focused on preventive measures to guard against hazards, rather than relying on inspection of finished products.
We are planning to develop a more aggressive frozen food business, with a greater emphasis on product development and cost competitiveness.

Combining group power, and responding to real needs of consumers, NIPPN offers frozen foods on a full scale.
NIPPN, with a sophisticated world-class production system, technology, and knowhow in its arsenal, is taking on the challenge of pursuing new business opportunities in the high-growth frozen foods market. Responding to diverse customer needs is the primary aim and it is dedicated to developing new products for both institutional and consumer use. Our institutional foods division has opened up new ground, through the development of frozen foods for the bakery, restaurant and ready-meal industries for instance. We are working to offer our customers a greater variety of Oh'my frozen pastas and frozen foods for lunch boxes and to develop attractive products, with an eye to emerging needs arising from lifestyle changes.

As a full member of the Japan Frozen Food Association.
NIPPN is seeking to enhance food culture through the popularization of frozen foods, related education and improvement in frozen food quality as a full member of the Japan Frozen Food Association.