Consumer Foods

Brands loved at the family table. Responding in good faith to every need.


Voices of the consumer inspire product development. Answers given by the market lead to further achievements in taste excellence.
Oh'my Lasagnette 320g is a NIPPN bestseller consisting of sauce and lasagna in a new shape. This product enables consumers to enjoy authentic lasagna cooked in the Neapolitan style by simply adding ground meat.
Oh'my Lasagnette 320g won the Smash Award in the 2014 Food Hit Grand Prize Contest, which was sponsored for the 33rd time by Japan Food Journal Co., Ltd.
With consumer requirements of "tasty, safe and convenient" as a basis, detailed analytical assessment of changing consumer demand is becoming vitally important in the food industry. Hereafter, in addition to guaranteeing quality and taste, NIPPN will analyze market data even to the extent of product quantity and shape, in hopes of predicting forthcoming trends and reflect these in the development of new products.


Strengthening brand name competitiveness, wheat flour is "NIPPN", pasta is "Oh'my".
"NIPPN" and "Oh'my" are the two major brands NIPPN delivers to the home. NIPPN is working enthusiastically to develop markets, with the Heart and Eagle brand of flour as its main force.
"Oh'my" contributes to a rich family dining table with a wide variety of products built around pasta. In addition, NIPPN has launched the Oh'my Plus series of consumer foods onto the market. NIPPN is advancing the development of products such as salad dressings, mayonnaises and pasta sauces in which flaxseed oil is used.
The peerless "Oh'my" responds swiftly and accurately to market trends and is engaged in increasing brand strength.