Company Profile

Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd. (NFM) was founded in Tokyo on September 26, 1896. Being the first industrial flour milling company in Japan to introduce western-style machinery, NFM states with pride that the tradition and the achievements of NFM over a period of more than one hundred years represent the history of the flour milling industry in Japan.

NFM and its group companies engage in a wide range of food businesses that include i) flour milling, the core business of NFM, ii) food business consisting of manufacture and sale of food ingredients, processed foods, Nakashoku (meal solutions), frozen foods, etc. iii) manufacture and sale of health foods, cosmetics and pet foods and iv) other businesses including management of sports facilities and bioscience business.

NFM's diversified operations extend even to overseas businesses which include interests in foreign enterprises such as production and marketing companies of premix and pasta in the United States, a premix marketing company and a flour milling company in Thailand and a premix plant in China

nippn logo

NFM's communication name "Nippn" and a company logo " NIPPN " symbolize the company's aspiration for broader and closer communication with people of all ages throughout many years. NFM's mission statement and corporate philosophy represent the corporate image of a company making great strides in the 21st century.

NFM set up a new corporate slogan, "New Nippn Way" with a resolution to break with the old concept of management and move up to a higher stage. Under the new slogan, NFM will place the first priority on customer satisfaction and spare no effort in attaining its firm position as a leading company in the industry by presenting new values and ideas that can be accepted by the society and economy undergoing drastic changes. At the same time, NFM will aim at making further progress by revitalizing corporate activities and diversifying its businesses both at home and abroad.

Mission Statement of Nippon Flour Mills(NIPPN)
Philosophy of Nippon Flour Mills(NIPPN)