Company Overview

Established: September 1896
Capital: ¥12.24billion(as of March31,2017)
Sales: ¥312.90billion(Consolidated)(FY ended March31,2017)
Flour Milling Wheat flours, wheat bran, warehousing, harbor transport
Foods: Premixes (donut, cake, and bread mixes, tempura flour, karaage mixes, etc. ) Corn products(corn grits, cornmeal, etc. ) Health food products (wheat germ oil, gingko leaf extract, chlorella, etc. ) Wheat flour and premixes for home use (tempura flour, karaage mixes, etc. ) pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, etc. ) Pasta sauces, whole peeled tomatoes, olive oil, and others dried noodles, rice flour, and others frozen ingredients and foods (donut dough, pie dough, etc. , “Freeze Flo” non-dairy whip, pasta, pasta sauces, etc. ) Deli food businesses (boxed lunches, snacks, etc. )
Others Biotechnology, pet foods, machinery sales and others