Health Care

NIPPN provides various products and services to support your physical and mental health and beauty.

< Health Food Products >

Golden Flaxseed

NIPPN health food products with original ingredients for your health and beauty.
We have a range of products that harness our own original ingredients to meet customers' needs. We offer safe, reliable health care products backed by solid evidence. They include Flaxseed Oil & Flaxseed Lignan made from nutrient-rich flaxseeds, such as alfa-linoleic acid; Puru Pure Ceramide containing ceramide produced in-house and flaxseed oil; and a series of Korean ginseng products with the Cheong-Kwan-Jang mark, the indication of ginseng quality assurance used by the South Korean government.

< Functional Ingredients >

A range of unique functional ingredients to meet the needs of health-conscious customers.
"NIPPN Ceramide," which contains sphingolipid refined from rice and corn as its active ingredient, is designed to help keep your skin moisturized. There is published data to support its ability to increase moisture in the skin and control transpiration. We also sell wheat-derived functional ingredients for preventing lifestyle-related illnesses, such as Komugi Wakaba using an organically grown ingredient; Roasted Flaxseed Granules & Powder, made from roasted flaxseeds; Bran Ace, an easy-to-eat dietary fiber material; and Flaxseed Oil, rich in alfa-linoleic acid.

< Cosmetics >


NIPPN's cosmetics range makes your skin healthy and moisturized with its gentle approach.
Our Misfeel range and Asaba range of cosmetics offer feel-good skin care during the day and at night, as well as makeup that is kind to their skin. Our Asaba Hechimasui is a natural skin lotion made with absolutely no water added. We also offer Flaxseed Soaps made with a blend of flaxseed oil and ceramide.
From skin care to hair care, our skin-friendly "Asaba Series" and "Misfeel Series" provide support for all your beauty needs.
Nippon Daily Health Co., Ltd., our subsidiary, is in charge of manufacturing and marketing these cosmetics and quasi-drugs.